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Birthdate:Aug 9
Chicago’s only Wizard
Harry Dresden
The building was on fire…
Character Name:
Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden
The Dresden Files (book canon)
Unknown (Physically he looks to be late 20’s early 30’s)
Over six feet tall with a lanky build. He has dark almost black hair that is usually kept short but is often messy and dark eyes. Similarly, he tries to shave regularly, but his lifestyle frequently leaves him looking scruffy. He wears jeans, combat boots, and his distinctive leather duster. He also wears his mothers silver pentagram around his neck. His left hand is heavily scarred, though he usually covers it with a black leather glove. He also has scars on his wrists that look like they were created by thorns, a bullet scar on his upper arm, and a scar running from his throat to his stomach from a hooked knife.
The first thing anyone who meets Harry notices is that he is an irredeemable wiseass. He has a tendency to respond to dangerous, uncomfortable, or frustrating situations with fine tuned sarcasm, even when he wishes he could keep his mouth shut.

Those who truly know him, however, quickly figure out that at his core Harry genuinely wants to help people. He hates seeing innocent people hurt and has frequently put his life in danger for complete strangers. Harry lives according to the belief that magic comes from life, and that it should always be used to preserve life. He also has a chivalry complex towards women that gets him into trouble. Growing up an orphan has left him with a soft spot towards orphaned and lost children. He will fiercely defend the people who are important to him. He loathes bullies more than anything else.

Harry is fascinated by puzzles and loves reading, particularly mysteries. Nothing satisfies him more than coming up with the solution to a challenging problem or mystery. He is also a huge horror movie buff.

Harry does have a dark side, however, one that has grown with the tragedies that he has suffered over his life, as well as years of facing off against all forms of evil. He has killed in cold blood, tortured supernatural enemies, and temporarily allied himself with dangerous entities when he had to. When he loses his temper he has a tendency to lash out with vast destructive power, causing immense property damage (One mob boss has specific countermeasures for when Harry visits any of his buildings to keep them from burning down). Harry is still haunted by one instance in which his temper may have killed innocent victims of a vampire. Harry’s job requires him to make many tough choices, and there is almost never a clear distinction between good and evil.

Harry is both aware of, and terrified of, his own dark side, which leads him to constantly question whether or not he is becoming the very things he is fighting. He knows he is far from perfect, and when he believes his actions have led others to harm he can sink into a spiral of depression and self recrimination.

However, for all his darkness and doubt, Harry is stronger that he gives himself credit for. His quick thinking, unorthodox solutions, and ability to take punishment and keep getting back up has allowed him to triumph over enemies far stronger than he is. He believes that there is good in the world, and that it is worth fighting for. At the end of the day, those who know him know they can count on Harry to stand up for what he feels is right.
Harry is a wizard, which allows him to manipulate magic to do things like track people across a city, fade from sight, and hurl fire from his hands. He also has a lifespan that is centuries longer than the average humans, and Wizards Sight, which allows him to strip away illusions and see the truth about the people and places he looks at (although what the truth he sees is usually highly symbolic). He has developed the ability to Listen, which gives him much better hearing that the average human when he focuses. Looking into his eyes for more than a few seconds provokes a SoulGaze, in which both parties have a vision that reveals the others inner soul through heavy symbolism.

His arrival in New York has drastically weakened Harry’s magic, and he has yet to regain what he has lost. Spells that used to be easy now take significant effort, and more complicated workings are simply impossible. While he can manage a simple tracking spell or produce a moderate amount of flame, major spells are beyond him. Furthermore, he has lost the tools that allowed him to direct and control his raw power, meaning that even if he could cast at full strength he would risk endangering himself and others. Right now he can cast the equivalent of 2nd level D&D spells, useful, but highly limited. Also, he can’t create any permanent magical effects (aka, no making food and water or tools, since he can’t even do that in canon). Without his lab he cannot make any magic foci to replace what he lost.

Beyond magic Harry is also highly intelligent, and is very observant, especially after spending much his adult life as a private detective. Harry knows a lot about legal systems, investigative techniques, psychology, and the supernatural. He has become very good at thinking on the fly, and often comes up with clever solutions while being chased by massive fanged nightmares or shot at by trained assassins.

Said running, combined with his long legs and regular jogging, have left him very fast, and he is surprisingly nimble. He knows how to use firearms and is an above average shot, as well as having some knowledge of sword fighting and staff fighting. He has had little martial arts training, but a lifetime spent fighting against all manner of enemies has left him an accomplished brawler who can hold his own in a fistfight.

He also has an incredible amount of endurance, which allow him struggle on in the face of sleep deprivation, injury, and hunger. He can take substantial punishment for a human, although eventually he will have to succumb to his injuries. None of this is supernatural, just the result of human determination and endurance taken to the limit.
The only magic equipment he has with him is his leather duster, which has been enchanted to offer protection against stab wounds, falling debris, glancing gun shots, ect.
While Harry has a lot of power and skills available to him, at the end of the day he is fundamentally a human being, and is subject to every human frailty.

Furthermore, using magic drains him, and like any muscle if he pushes it too hard he can damage it and hurt himself. His magic is subject to the nature of the environment he is in. When asked why he did not blast his way out of a room he was locked in, Harry replied that doing so would kill himself in the backlash of heat. Also, Harry has difficulty with more delicate magic, causing him to rely on complex rituals and magical tools to handle spells that require finesse.

Like all wizards, Harry causes any technology made after the 1940’s to eventually blow itself out, and the more complex the tech the more likely it is to fail spectacularly. While the reduction of his magic has drastically limited this effect, he can still blow out a computer or equally advanced machines if he gets really worked up. Also, as a result he has a hard time using modern technology.

Harry also has a huge guilt complex, and can get very depressed if he feels he has hurt innocents or failed to protect people. He tends to mouth off at inopportune times, and has a chivalry streak that gets him into trouble a lot. He can be impulsive and stubborn when he wants to be, and is a bit thickheaded about people at times.
Manhattanite or outsider?
Harry never knew his mother, but spent the first six years of his life living with his father, Malcolm Dresden, a stage magician. When his father died from a brain aneurism Harry spend four years lost in the national childcare system, until he was adopted by Justin DuMorne, a powerful wizard who raised Harry and Elaine, Harry’s first love, until Harry was 16, when Justin put Elaine under a thrall spell and tried to kill Harry when he resisted. Harry managed to kill Justin (and he thought for a long time, Elaine), but had to make a deal with his fairy godmother Lea, which has haunted him to this day.

After killing Justin Harry was arrested by the White Council of Wizards for using magic to kill. Normally he would be executed right out, the council ruled it self defense and put him under probation that if he broke the law again he would be killed immediately. Harry became the ward of the Wizard Ebenezar McCoy, who taught him control and imparted a philosophy of magic that Harry would embrace for the rest of his life.

After a few years Harry set off on his own, and eventually ended up becoming Chicago’s only professional wizard. He was hired by Lieutenant Karin Murphy as a consultant to Chicago PD Special Investigations unit, the police who solve the cases that are unexplainable. He has forged a very close relationship with Murphy, the head of SI.

Over the past few years Harry has been in the center of a series of world changing events. He inadvertently kicked off a war between the Red Court Vampires and the White Council when rescuing his girlfriend Susan from the Red Court. The he stopped a war between the fairy courts from devastating the world. He battled a group of fallen angels trying to unleash a deadly plague and inadvertently got a shard of one of the fallen in his head. He also had his hand mutilated while battling Black Court vampires. Some time after he found himself sharing his home with a dog named mouse and a half brother, the White Court vampire Thomas. He also began to notice signs of an insidious conspiracy that seemed to be infiltrating the White Council, the Vampire Courts, and the Fairy Kingdoms he has dubbed the Black Council. He has also found himself with a apprentice, Molly Carpenter, the daughter of an old friend and ally. Most recently he thwarted a White Court insurgence that was murdering people with minor magical talents to gain power. In the process he learned more of the mysterious Black Council, but lost the repentant Lasciel. Harry was left to plan for the battle to come.

Of course, Harry’s preparations were disrupted when Harry found himself in a ruined New York City with drastically weakened powers and hunted by strange monsters. Being a man accustomed to weirdness, he has taken this in stride, but is currently searching for a way back home and his responsibilities, while assisting fellow survivors who need help.
…and it wasn’t my fault
The Mun
Name: Brandon
Age: 21
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